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NBA 2012-13 Season Predictions

Here are my predictions for the Eastern and Western Conferences for the 2012-13 season.  I’ve also put the wins and losses I expect them to end the regular season with.  Accounting for injuries that have already occurred (i.e. Derrick Rose, Ricky Rubio, etc.) but not allowing for injuries that may occur throughout the season.  Have a look at let us know what you think!



1- Miami Heat

Wins: 65-70 / Losses: 12-17

1- Oklahoma City Thunder

Wins: 65-70 / Losses: 12-17

2- Boston Celtics

Wins: 60-65 / Losses: 17-22

2- Los Angeles Lakers

Wins: 60-65 / Losses: 17-22

3- Philadelphia 76ers

Wins: 60-65 / Losses: 17-22

3- San Antonio Spurs

Wins: 60-65 / Losses: 17-22

4- Indiana Pacers

Wins: 55-60 / Losses: 22-27

4- Los Angeles Clippers

Wins: 55-60 / Losses: 22-27

5- Brooklyn Nets

Wins: 50-55 / Losses: 27-32

5- Memphis Grizzlies

Wins: 55-60 / Losses: 22-27

6- New York Knicks

Wins: 50-55 / Losses: 27-32

6- Denver Nuggets

Wins: 50-55 / Losses: 27-32

7- Chicago Bulls

Wins: 45-50 / Losses: 32-37

7- Minnesota Timberwolves

Wins: 45-50 / Losses: 32-37

8- Atlanta Hawks

Wins: 40-45 / Losses: 37-42

8- Golden State Warriors

Wins: 45-50 / Losses: 32-37

9- Milwaukee Bucks

Wins: 40-45 / Losses: 37-42

9- Utah Jazz

Wins: 40-45 / Losses: 37-42

10- Washington Wizards

Wins: 40-45 / Losses: 37-42

10- Dallas Mavericks

Wins: 40-45 / Losses: 37-42

11- Cleveland Cavaliers

Wins: 30-35 / Losses: 47-52

11- New Orleans Hornets

Wins: 40-45 / Losses: 37-42

12- Detroit Pistons

Wins: 30-35 / Losses: 47-52

12- Phoenix Suns

Wins: 30-35 / Losses: 47-52

13- Toronto Raptors

Wins: 25-30 / Losses: 52-57

13- Portland Trailblazers

Wins: 30-35 / Losses: 47-52

14- Orlando Magic

Wins: 25-30 / Losses: 52-57

14- Houston Rockets

Wins: 30-35 / Losses: 47-52

15- Charlotte Bobcats

Wins: 15-20 / Losses: 62-67

15- Sacramento Kings

Wins: 25-30 / Losses: 52-57

Today in NBA History – Aug 24

1965 – Reggie Miller is born in California.  Reggie Miller was the long time leader for the most three pointers made in NBA history with 2,560 makes until Ray Allen passed him recently.  Miller is known for his amazing offensive skill sets and his rivalry with Spike Lee, a New York Knicks super fan.  Miller was a 5x NBA All-Star and played 18 seasons in the NBA – all with the Indiana Pacers – and retired averaging 18.2 points, 3 rebounds and 3 assists per game.

1979 – Michael Redd is born in Ohio.  Redd was a member of the 2008 United States Men’s basketball team that won a Gold Medal in Beijing.  Redd played his first 11 seasons with the Milwaukee Bucks and played last season with the Phoenix Suns.  Currently he is an unrestricted free agent and has a career average of 19 points, 3.8 rebounds and 2.1 assists.

2008 – The USA Men’s basketball team, A.K.A. The Redeem Team, beat Spain 118-107 in the Gold Medal Game at the Beijing Olympics.

August 1-5 Deals and Rumours


  • The Minnesota Timberwolves sign C Greg Stiemsma after the Boston Celtics refused to match their offer sheet
  • The New York Knicks sign G Chris Smith (brother of current Knick J.R. Smith)



  • The Los Angeles Lakers have expressed interest to G Leandro Barbosa
  • The Boston Celtics and F Jeff Green are finalizing terms for this season
  • G/F Mikael Pietrus’ agent is in talks with the Milwaukee Bucks

Today in NBA History

Today marks the first day of a new segment – Today in NBA History.  This segment is pretty self explanatory, but for those of you confused, it is information relating to the NBA that occurred on the day of the post in years prior.  (Please note that I’ll be posting from Australia, so they day might be different in your time zone).


1962 – Patrick Ewing was born in Jamaica.  Ewing, a member of the Hall of Fame, enjoyed 17 years in the NBA (15 seasons with the New York Knicks) and retired with career averages of 21 points, 9.8 rebounds, 2.4 blocks.  He was also a member of the Dream Team in the 1992 Barcelona Olympics, an 11 time NBA All-Star and a 7x All-NBA team (1 All-NBA First team, 6 All-NBA Second team).


1976 – Denver, Indiana, New York and San Antonio transfer from the ABA (American Basketball League) to the NBA.

Updated Deals and Rumours

Finalised Deals:

  • The Minnesota Timberwolves offer restricted free agent C Greg Stiemsma to an offer sheet – the Boston Celtics have 3 days to match or decline
  • The Chicago Bulls sign G Kirk Hinrich
  • The Brooklyn Nets sign G C.J. Watson
  • The Chicago Bulls decline to match the Houston Rockets offer sheet for C Omer Asik
  • The Utah Jazz sign G Randy Foye for 1 year
  • The Phoenix Suns sign F Michael Beasley for 3 years
  • The New York Knicks sign F Ronnie Brewer for 1 year and C Marcus Camby for 3 years
  • The Sacramento Kings sign G Aaron Brooks
  • The Dallas Mavericks sign F Elton Brand
  • The San Antonio Spurs resign F Tim Duncan and G/F Danny Green



  • The Boston Celtics and F Jeff Green will reach an agreement after missing the last season due to illness
  • The Los Angeles Lakers are interested in G Delonte West
  • The Chicago Bulls will sign G Marco Belinelli
  • The Brooklyn Nets are pursuing F Andrei Kirilenko

Jeremy Lin leaving New York?

The New York Knicks are apparently letting restricted free agent Jeremy Lin walk to the Houston Rockets after his incredible breakout season.

Sources have stated that it was purely a business decision to let him leave – the contract Houston offered will pay Lin $14.8 million in 2014-15 (his third season). In the 2014-15 season, the Knicks already have $23.4 million owing to Amar’e Stoudemire, $23.5 million owing to Carmelo Anthony as well as $14.6 million owing to Tyson Chandler.

According to the latest CBA salary tax rules, the Knicks would face over $28 million in tax in the 2014-15 season by having all 4 players on their roster.

Deals from July 13-16

Signings that have been formally processed:

  • The Brooklyn Nets signed G Jerry Stackhouse
  • The Sacramento Kings signed G Aaron Brooks
  • The Phoenix Suns signed F Luis Scola
  • The Boston Celtics re-signed F Kevin Garnett, F Brandon Bass and C Chris Wilcox
  • The New Orleans Hornets matched Phoenix Suns’ offer sheet for G Eric Gordon
  • The Dallas Mavericks signed F Elton Brand
  • The Philadelphia 76ers signed Kwame Brown

Trades that have been formally processed:

  • The Chicago Bulls traded G Kyle Korver to the Atlanta Hawks for a trade exception and cash
  • The New York Knicks traded F Jared Jeffries and C Dan Gadzuric to the Portland Trailblazers for G Raymond Felton and C Kurt Thomas

July 12 Signings

Thursday, July 12 – Signings that have been formally processed:

  • The Atlanta Hawks have signed G Lou Williams.
  • The Indiana Pacers signed G/F Gerald Green.
  • The Milwaukee Bucks have re-signed F Ersan Ilyasova.
  • The Minnesota Timberwolves offered F Nicolas Batum an offer, the Portland Trailblazers have 3 days to match.
  • The New York Knicks signed G Jason Kidd and re-signed F Steve Novak.
  • The San Antonio Spurs re-sign F Boris Diaw.


Thursday, July 12 – Trades that have been formally processed:

  • The Indiana Pacers receive C Ian Mahinmi from the Dallas Mavericks for G Darren Collison and G/F Dahntay Jones
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