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Team USA – Olympic 2012 performance through games 1 and 2

Through the first two games so far, the American basketball team has beaten France and Tunisia by an average of 37 points.  Below is some information on their performance in those games.


The United States have stuck to the same starting lineup of Tyson Chandler in the middle with LeBron James and Kevin Durant as the forwards alongside Kobe Bryant and Chris Paul.

Only 3 players are getting to play more than half a game – Durant (25 minutes a game) followed by Paul (23) and LeBron (22).  However, everyone is playing adequate minutes as Bryant and Anthony Davis are both playing the least with 10 minutes per game.

One of the most notable statistics so far has been the Americans assist to field goal rate – of their 74 made shots, 55 of them came off a direct pass from a teammate.

Team USA has quickly shut down the talk of them being “too small” as they’ve score 47 points per game in the paint – good for second in the tournament.  They also boast an average of 100 total rebounds (leading all countries) whilst holding their opponents to 70 total rebounds (currently 3rd best in the 2012 Olympics).

The Americans are starting slowly, averaging just 21.5 points in the opening period, while their strongest quarter is the third where they score 39 points on average.  To no ones surprise, the U.S. are getting their share of fast breaks – scoring 30 points per game on the break to lead the Games.


As far as the Americans scoring balance and shooting performances:

The States have 4 players averaging over 10 points a game so far – Durant with 17.5, Kevin Love with 15, Carmelo Anthony with 12.5 and Russell Westbrook with 10 points each night.

As a team, they have scored 208 points over the two games and are shooting 52% from the field.  USA have relied heavily on their 3 point shooting – taking 25 threes a night and converting on 36% of them.  This is led by Durant attempting 9 threes so far in the Games.

The Americans are getting to the foul line quite often (28 per game) – led by Durant and Westbrook with 11 attempts each.


For your interest, the categories that the US team is leading the Olympics in so far include points per game, 2 point field goal percentage, 3 point field goals made and attempted, free throws made, points off turnovers, second chance points, fast break points, assists, defensive rebounds and total rebounds.

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